Presentations that move people to action!

At Moving Speaker, Dyane Neiman will partner with you to achieve communication
that moves ideas by moving audiences to action.
Her training will enable you :
  • DISCOVER your own unique speaking style.
  • RADIATE presence through your body language, voice, and mindset.
  • EXPRESS compelling stories with skill and purpose.
  • FOCUS on one core message.
  • SPEAK in words that are concrete, simple, and memorable.
  • VISUALIZE with vivid language and images.
  • PLAY with dramatic tension.
and most of all: MOVE PEOPLE to ACTION.
Whether working with individuals or groups, she will match her service offer to your goals. If you are serious about becoming a better speaker, make an appointment for a free 30-minute consultation via Skype or telephone.
Originally from New York City, Dyane was invited to work in Germany as a choreographer, theater director and performer. During her 20 years in this field, she rose to the position as artistic director of the North-Rhine Westphalian "Theaterzwang Festival", which is now called "Favoriten Festival".
Her role constantly kept her in front of the public making presentations to sponsors, journalists, and audiences. It was there that she discovered her passion for public speaking.
Dyane began with her learned skills from the theater world and applied them to the business world. On top of the usual tools of the speaking profession, Dyane adds the joy of experimentation and outrageous thinking to push clients to new heights. Her experience and qualifications guide non-native English speakers to enter the international marketplace with confidence and gravitas.
Her training has one goal: Create and deliver presentations
that move people to action!