Keynote Speech for British Council in Cairo

Panel Abschlusskonferenz mit fuenf Personen

The Closing Conference of the two year project consisted of four main sessions with presentations and panel discussions, including two experts from Germany.
Gesa Birnkraut talked about Education in Cultural and Creative Industries, from an outside, German viewpoint.
And I gave an intput about the collaboration of governmental and non-governmental sectors in relation to the German Cultural and Creative Industry model.
The discussions made clear, that such a project can only be the starting point for further research and programs. Some very familiar topics were critically discussed and reflected by the audience, like how to set the borderlines between creative economy and knowledge economy or how to install ways of governmental and at the same time independant performing arts funding. A special emphasis was given to the role of traditional handycrafts in the context of creative economy.
Still a lot of questions after a two year discussion process between governmental and non-governmental stakeholders who are active in different Egyptian creative industry sectors.
This process included 250 representatives, artists, academics and practicioners of creative industries in more than 33 meetings and roundtables. They focussed on 5 creative industries: filmmaking, music, performing arts, publishing and design. Outputs are 12 project proposals, a book, a summary of discussions, roundtables with recommendations, a sector map and summary of government initiatives summary, as well as an occupational map for the five sectors.
A complex theme which still requires a lot of discussions and research – quite an experience to take part. Let‘s hope that this process will go on, offering new opportunities to local artists and creative entrepreneurs – based on an intensive and transparent stakeholder dialogue. Thanks for the invitation and the good organisation by EUNIC Egypt and the British Council, particularly Marwa Helmy and Shaden Meleas.